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Ayo Awe-Joseph


Ayo Awe-Joseph

Ayo Awe-Joseph is:

Ayo Awe-Joseph is the pastor at "GFH Ikoyi" a mission of God's Favourite House.
He is a musician and a kingdom teacher of the word; he plays the saxophone and trombone proficiently.
He started playing music at the age of 18 and studied music while pursuing a career in the military.

In recent times, he started playing the piano and drums prophetically for worship services.

Ayo played the trombone professionally in the military band for 6 years before resigning from the military in 1992, after giving his life to Christ and has since been serving in the body of Christ as a psalmist and prophetic music minister.

In his pursuit of God, Ayo joined Victory Christian Centre of Late Bishop Harford Iloputaife briefly in the early 90's; he later joined RCCG Freedom Hall in the mid 90's and was a member of "The Government worker", a discipleship group pastored by Dr Tony Rapu.

Ayo is a pioneering member of the group "Brass Serpent", an Afro gospel band in the 90’s that was later renamed “The Apostles” now resident in RCCG City of David.

Ayo formed his own music group in the late 90’s “The Jazz Epistle” with 8 members playing road shows at unique spots in Lagos:

Ayo plays a fusion of Gospel ballad and Jazz genre; being a navigational tool for creating a heavenly experience in the praise and worship of our God.
Ayo has traveled extensively on the ministry vehicle of “Jazz Worship”, a music ministry of improvised Praise, Worship and Inspirational music.

Till date, he has released two albums; What A Friend, Pleasant Places and the single "Ta lo dabi re".

Ayo Awe-Joseph is a social reformer, he has lent his voice and time to propagate good governance in Nigeria, he has also been involved in community projects to uplift the people.

Presently, Ayo lives in Lagos. He is married to Oluwatoyin Awe-Joseph and they have 2 lovely children, their daughter Feola and their son Niola.

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A collection of single songs from Ayo Awe-Joseph
Ta Lo Da Bi Re

Pleasant Places

Pleasant Places

Released: Mar, 14 2013

Awesome God
Awesome God
Tete Setemi
Tori Na
All Honour
Brand New Day
Fi Ope F'oluwa
Awesome God (Instrumental)

What A Friend...

What A Friend...

Released: Oct, 04 2004

A Traditional Jazz gospel music, tenderly sweet.
What A Friend
Higher Place
Were Lo Ba Mi Se-Osuba Re Re
Stand Up And Dance

Ministering in Jazz Worship this Saturday 18th February 2017 at God's Favourite House.
For details 08033290103.

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